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This month we celebrate: "God Our Helper"

We love birds... we love all birds!

But there is one bird we consider the most beautiful we have ever seen.

It is the White Faced Ibis.

Most people in Colorado have never seen one

because they do not stay here for more than a day or two.

This makes getting great photos of them almost impossible.

Scroll down to learn more about them, and this photo shoot.

It was a kiss from God!


Father, truly you have made all things beautiful!



We are so excited to share these photos with you because they are the best photos of these beautiful birds we have ever seen. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoyed taking them.


P4220435 V2.jpeg

The White Faced Ibis is a migratory bird that spends its winters in the shallow marshes along the gulf coast. In the spring they head north and some  stop for rest at Lake Estes. 

In the right light they look almost unreal. They have copper, orange, purple, teal green, and rust feathers that shine like multi-colored armor. 

However, to see their full beauty there must be just the right amount of sun and it must be at just the right angle. When this perfect combination of light is present  their feathers take on an almost metallic quality.

The photo to the right shows this. Only the bird in front is turned so his feathers show this metallic luminance.

The day we took these photos was just such a day. Because we had a number of things we needed to do we had planned to just sit at the lake while we enjoyed a cup of hot coffee and then head home. 

But, when we pulled into the parking lot we saw them. We have learned to not take such an opportunity for granted because you might never get another chance. Soon we were snapping hundreds of photos and in fact, we ended up staying all day long.

       This was a kiss from God!


The next day they were gone. We will not see them again until next spring and may never get another chance to capture their beauty like we did that day.







It is an amazing feeling to come to the end of a day totally convinced that your steps were ordered by the Lord and to feel overwhelmed with the goodness of God. 

BTW...We never did get to drink our coffee, but we didn't care!

Proverbs 16:9

9 People can plan what they want to do,

      But it is the Lord who guides their steps.