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    We are doing this because we feel God wants us not to charge for His Word. If people want to make a donation , it will be deeply appreciated. However, everything on our website is free to all. These are the teachings that have helped to shape thousands of lives and they will continue to do that which God purposed for them.


Pastor John & Miss Linda


"How To Raise Your Children"

Many parents have experienced the nightmare of having their children become rebellious during their teen years.

At the same time, other parents experience great joy

as they see their children grow into

Godly young men and women.

This is a seven part series that will give you good information designed help you make that happen in  your children.

God intented for children to be a blessing

and not a curse.


You will find this teaching practical and down to earth.

" The Father's Heart "

If ever there was a series I would beg you to listen to, this is it! This series will do more to free you from condemnation and help you develope an intimate relationship with Father God than anything you have ever heard. In it I take you on an amazing journey into the heart of your Father and help you to see how He views you.

It is truly life changing. 

Just a note about Part 8. In Part 8 toward the end of the message I had a bride come into the service. I then asked her a very important question. You will be impacted by her answer. It moved me to tears!

" The Kingdom of God "

In this series you will learn how the Lordship of Jesus can be established in your life.

A number of people have told us that this was the most life changing teaching they have ever heard. It is practical, down to earth, and it will help you to experience the abundant life Jesus offered to us. 

Why go through life bored?

The kingdom of God is waiting for you! 

"Jesus is Coming!"

In this series I look at the soon return of Jesus.

I cover three very important questions.

      First: Are we living in the season ofHis return?

      Second: Are you ready for His return?

      Third: What does ready look like?


This may be the most important series I have ever taught. Jesus is coming back and we all need to be ready. You can download the series here.

"Fret  Not!"

   We are making available an eight part series entitled, "FRET NOT". This is an amazing teaching that will help you deal with the stress of everyday life. It is filled with humor and great insight from God's word. This is one of the best series Pastor John has ever preached. (And it is free!)

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"God is Awesome!"

"God is Awesome" is a faith building sermon series designed to help you understand how much God loves you. If you struggle with condemnation the help you need is available right here. This series will show you what an amazing game changer the cross was. Your life will be enriched and your love for the Lord will be greater than ever before! To get your free digital download click on the button below.

"Keys to Spiritual Survival"

This series is designed to help you develop guidelines that will protect you from the false teachings that are becoming so prevalent today. I not only deal with the negative but will also give you help in discovering how to walk in the fulness of life that God has for you. No matter how dark it gets, you can have the abundant life that Jesus offered to you in John 10:10. 

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"The Joshua Generation"

This is a single message aimed at helping fathers to have a better vision of what kind of leader they should be for their family. It is pertinent and addresses the issues we face today. Men, get your free download today!

"The Fixed Heart"

"The Fixed Heart" is an eight part series that will show you how important your spiritual heart is. It will also show you how to care for your heart and how to protect it. Just how good is this teaching? In the 32 years that I taught at Resurrection Fellowship, this was the only complete series that I ever repeated! It is probably the most, "life changing" series I have ever taught.

Get your free download today and get ready for victory.

"Dealing with Discouragement"

"Dealing with Discouragement" is an 8 part series designed to help you with situations you may face that are not good and just don't seem to ever get any better. You pray and ask God to change your situation but, you don't seem to get an answer to your prayer. After a while you begin to feel very discouraged. This series is for you! Don't forget, it is free! 

"Overcome or Be Overcome"

In this series you will learn the power of living a praise filled life. Not only do I teach you the importance of praise, but also the secret to being able to be filled with praise even when you go through trials and tests. This practical life giving teaching will bless both young and old. Don't forget, all downloads are free!

" How to Have a Great Marriage"

In this one part session married couples will learn valuable insights into how they can have a great marriage. These are the basics for transforming a dull boring living arrangement into an epic love story.

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"How to Find True Happiness"

The Bible has so much to say about true lasting happiness and joy. In this series I take you through the scriptures and show you why so many people today are so unhappy. They have so many material possesions and yet they are unhappy and unfufilled.

I must warn you, this series will not make you happy. But, what it will do is show you the pathway to true lasting happiness. 

"The Origins of the Earth"

This message will help answer many of the questions that have been raised about how the Bible account of creation fits with the fossil record.

It is a message that all young people need to hear. Especially those who attend public school where evolution is taught as fact. 

 " The Renewed Mind "


Paul teaches us that our lives can be transformed by the renewing of our mind. In Isaiah God tells us that His thoughts are different than ours. Our thoughts lead to death, but His thoughts lead to life.

In this series we learn how to think thoughts that bring us life. It is filled with humor and truth.

" Four Reasons Not To Tithe "

This is a message I have given at a number of churches. It uses as its foundation the four main reasons people have given for not tithing. It is filled with humor and will not bring anyone under condemnation. It will also show you how easy it is to get started on the road to tithing.

It is a road of blessing!

" How to Live Free of Strife "

Strife is a killer and a destroyer! It has destroyed relationships, marriages, and churches.

We all know this. But, how can we avoid it?

Is it even possible?

In this series I show you how you can live free of this killer.

I taught this 25 years ago but the truth contained in it is timeless. It worked then, and it will work now.

It is life changing!

"Living Beyond the Flesh"


This is an 8 part series that is truly life changing.

Have you ever felt inadequate?

Are you paralyzed by fear at the thought of failure?

This is the material you need to get set free.

This biblical teaching will show you how to live life never limited by what your flesh can do. Through the power of the Holy Spirit you can do anything God tells you to do.

Paul said, " I can do everything God asks me to do with the help of Christ who gives me strength and power."

Phil. 4:13 TLB


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"How to Deal With Offenses"

This is an eight part series entitled

"How To Deal With Offenses".

Recently we have received a number or request asking for this series. Jesus said it was impossible for offenses not to occur. It is a part of life. But, how we handle them literally will change our entire life. Satan intends them to be a trap and a snare that will take us captive. But God's word shows us how to deal with them and stay free.

Get started on the road to freedom

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It will bless you and enrich your life.


Don't forget, it is all free!